Ogon wallet


I’ve had an Ogon aluminium wallet for over 4 years now, and when the time comes to replace it – which shouldn’t be for some years yet – I’m going to get another one.

It feels great in the hand, it’s around the same size as an iPod (Classic), made of smooth aluminium, comes in a variety of colours and is – when it comes down to it – a beautifully executed piece of design.

The concept is based around the fact that our 21st century financial life (so far) is dominated by cards. The Ogon wallet holds around 10 credit cards comfortably and… that’s it. One key litmus test for a new gadget is if it creates change in your life or lifestyle; the Ogon has been instrumental in my stopping carrying cash. While you can fold up a tenner and tuck it in somewhere, it actually feels like cheating, spoiling the purity of the concept.

I’m tempted to buy a second wallet, in a different colour, but why bother? Why would I want to change my cards from wallet to wallet? I can’t remember what the shelf life of my old leather wallets was, but I’m pretty sure that 4 or 5 years was the limit. I’m going to hazard a guess that the Ogon will beat that hands down and I’ll also suggest that longevity is probably the biggest barrier to sales for the company.

The Ogon wallet is one of those little things that makes you feel better about using it. It inspires comments from anyone who notices it. It’s just feels right. I’m planning to hold on to my Ogon wallet for as long as possible… then I’ll get another one. Rinse and repeat.

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