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With a 20+ year career in design, including over 10 years’ dedicated UX experience, I remain an eternal student of design. At various times I also feel like a novice, even a fraud. But experience counts, and this is mine… for what it’s worth.


Rick Monro is a consultant and designer living in Belfast, Northern Ireland and is a Principal UX Architect at Puppet.

He writes on this blog and elsewhere in print and online, including .Net magazine and Smashing Magazine.

Rick is also a syllabus consultant and lecturer for the Digital Marketing Institute and a former part-time lecturer for at the University of Ulster, contributing to the Interactive Multimedia Design degree course. 

He is organiser of UX Belfast, Northern Ireland’s premier UX meetup, and an enthusiastic member of the UX and design community. He can sometimes be found speaking at events such as UX Scotland.

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