UX Scotland 2018

One of the UK’s premier UX conferences once again delivered the goods in 2018, with an impressive roster of speakers and talks. As ever with conferences put together by the team at Software Acumen, the scope and remit of the schedule pushed the boundaries of the subject matter over three days.

I was reprising my role as a speaker, with a session outlining some of my work at Puppet on day one of the conference. From then on, I was able to relax and take in some fantastic education and information from the assorted collection of practitioners.

Highlights were difficult to pinpont, and in many ways it seems unfair to do so. That said, with up to 3 concurrent tracks, the number of talks to take in was limited, so here’s what I managed.

Soren Engelbrecht
How to create a user-centered ‘digital ecosystem’ across devices

Adrian Howard
The User Experience of Management

Gregg Bernstein
Be more certain: a practical approach to research practice

Llara Geddes
Leveraging customer service expertise to improve UX
(no slides available)

Jessica Cameron
Statistics for UX professionals

Honorable mention: Chris Taylor
We need to talk about data

So those were my talk highlights. Delightfully, my talk managed to make others’ shortlist of highlights, and I’m going to blow my own trumpet here and link to them.

Gavin Anderson of the Univeristy of Edinburgh offered summary of my talk was extremely gratifying, in that he picked out some points and themes that I hadn’t even planned in the talk. Thank you, Gavin. https://website-programme-blog.is.ed.ac.uk/ux-scotland-2018-write-up/

I also managed to sneak into Cole AD‘s shortlist of highlights http://cole-ad.co.uk/ux-scotland-conference/

Something else I was happy to be able to do this year was set up a series of shared Google docs to crowdsources notes. While the uptake on these was low (very low…), I was happy to do it, having benefitted from Vicky Teinaki‘s initiative in 2016. Fwiw my notes are available from here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kMuFdzOO0FJErEIz6n-DcdlKPS7cM-fp55MKg89M5hw/edit?usp=sharing

I’ll be back at the conference. Certainly as a participant, and if I’m fortunate, as a contributor. The lineup never fails to deliver practical insights and ‘a-ha’ moments. Kudos to Software Acumen for another quality year.

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