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Every app is competing with Facebook

October 26, 2015

Very few app producers or start–ups may recognise the fact, but far from offering a unique experience to users, their apps are vying for attention with the giants of digital – Facebook, Instagram, even Candy Crush. Any app that manages to make its way on to a user’s device automatically becomes a direct competitor to […]

Usability lab hack in Yosemite & iOS8

March 23, 2015

If your work involves usability testing, chances are you are constantly trying to refine and optimise your testing set up. A recent usability study had us working in a DMZ, requiring the usability tests to take place in a specific location. No big deal there. It was however the first study we had run using iOS8 in this […]

Design for Everything, Everywhere.

November 29, 2012

As occurs frequently on Twitter, I was able to enjoy a conversation between two prominent figures of the design industry as they exchanged insights. This one really made me sit up and take notice. I’ll reproduce it in full here, short and sweet as it is: @trentwalton: Lines between mobile, tablet & everything else are […]

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